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Move on with confidence

Being released from prison is one of those bittersweet moments in life. On one hand, you finally get your freedom back. On the other hand, are you really ready?  Our job is to help you get through the process of release and adjusting naturally back into normal life. We work with you to consider what the future may look like six months ahead, from the people you want in your life, to where you’ll live and how you’ll make money. All the while we’ll take you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to think about what life looks like where you make positive decisions, for yourself.

How it works

Accordwest programs improve your life skills, prepare for release, find somewhere to live, and link up with job network providers, family and community support services. These include:

  • Remand
  • Life Skills (Community Transition Program)
  • Pre-release Support
  • Post-release Support
  • Transitional Accommodation Support Services.

We also offer a comprehensive Trauma Counselling program. Accessed either before or after release, the treatment focus of Trauma Counselling can lead to changes towards new ways of living life. Through regular counselling sessions, our therapeutic interventions and psychosocial education groups will assist to manage past trauma related experiences and assist in making better choices in the future.

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