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Small Housing Trend gaining momentum in Australia

Tiny houses offer a solution to several modern day issues. According to Laura Nobel “they also bring flexibility and diversity to housing options, and allow people to downsize and live for experience rather than possessions . They’re a rebellion against the suburban four bedroom house with a mortgage and a commute’’. Tiny homes are homes that have 37 sqm of room or less, while a small house is described as having 90 sqm or less.

With Australia entering uncertain times economically, the idea of tiny homes is being canvassed locally with the view to reducing homelessness especially for single people. AccordWest, along with the City of Bunbury and local member Don Punch, are actively looking to work with the community and local businesses to drive this initiative and are hoping to gain community support.
For more information on the tiny home movement check out www.insideout.com.au, www.tinylife.com and abc.net.au for articles on the topic.
Diagram right – the American Experience.

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