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Tiny Houses

A community-led housing initiative

When someone experiences homelessness it’s common to feel a little isolated. Accordwest’s new community-led Tiny Houses Village project offers more than just a place to live while people find their feet. It provides a wrap around support service that gives tenants building blocks toward a more confident and assured future.

Homelessness in the South West

Across 2018-2019 Financial Year, 67% of clients presenting at Accordwest in need of accommodation assistance were single people with or without accompanying children. Experiencing homelessness brings with it a whole set of new challenges: How do you gain employment when you can’t even shower before a job interview? How do you recover from a mental illness while you sleep on the street?

Small houses with big heart

Feeling the support of the community when someone finds themselves without a home can move mountains to lift them up. When they know they’re not alone it’s easier to uncover the confidence that will get them back on their feet sooner. We’re lucky in Bunbury to have a community who care. In fact, it’s a community that has banded together to create the Accordwest Tiny Houses Village project. An initiative that has built three single-person tiny house units.

More than just homes, they’re homes with heart. Tenants are also provided with full wrap-around social services during their stay. They’ll work with their Housing Support Worker to secure long term accommodation, simultaneously working towards goals and actions identified during their case support planning sessions. These could include -

Substance misuse

Our proactive approach of offering support at every step of the way goes towards overcoming the barriers of obtaining and sustaining stable accommodation.

The vision

The Tiny Houses project provides clients with a fully functional home to call their own. Each home boasts seamlessly integrated open living spaces complemented by a mini kitchen and sleeping area. Off the living area is an easy access bathroom and laundry with front facing porches providing the opportunity to sit experiencing our great West Australian climate.


How things are progressing

Your help helps

Your help keeps this project going (and growing). Any contribution you make will have a direct and positive impact on the lives of local people. Various ways you can help our Tiny Houses project are:

  • Financial donations
  • Volunteer labour
  • Supply of building materials
  • Supply of products such as plants and landscaping materials

If you’re interested in contributing or would like to learn more, please complete this form.

A more
confident future

Thank you to these generous locals!

We’d like to give a big shout out to these local businesses as we acknowledge their contribution to date:

Together, we’re creating the Southwest’s first Tiny House Village.

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