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Energy Saving Tips

With the WA state government announcing that power is set to increase 7% in July 2018, the following are some helpful tips that tenants can use to keep their power bills to a minimum:

  • Buy door snakes – cheap and easy and keep drafts out reducing need for heating.
  • Pull on a pullover or grab a grandpa blankie – saves on room heating by putting on the heating when you get really cold.
  • Take advantage of the sun – to heat the home during the day.
  • Read in bed with an electric blanket – reduces need for room heating (and you are toasty anyway).
  • Turn off chargable devices when charging is done.
  • Keep themostats on fridge freezer at right temperature( 3-5 for fridge, -18 for freezer.)
  • Wash clothes in cold water.
  • Ditch the Dryer (good for making a fire pit!) and hang your washing outside or under a patio.
  • Use the whole oven when using the oven to cook – make a brownie, cake or roast a few extra veges.
  • Turn off the lights for the rooms you aren’t in.
  • Use energy efficient globes – LED globes can reduce energy by half or more across a whole house and reduce your bills significantly.
  • Have a TV free night…have dinner and play boardgames with the kids!
  • Challenge yourself – make every bill better than the last and help the environment too.

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