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Paint the Cape REaD

Paint the Cape REaD is an early learning and literacy initiative being undertaken to encourage parents to engage with their children’s development through reading, rhyming, singing, talking, and playing with them, all from day one! The initiative has been in the planning stages for some time now and was finally unveiled in Busselton on Friday … Read more

Property advice – The rules of breaking lease when in hardship

Break lease occurs when a tenant needs to move out of the property before their tenancy agreement expires with a landlord. Usually, unless in exceptional circumtances, the tenant will have to compensate the owner for any loss associated with the contract. Some costs of breaking a lease for tenants may include paying rent whilst a … Read more

Energy Saving Tips

With the WA state government announcing that power is set to increase 7% in July 2018, the following are some helpful tips that tenants can use to keep their power bills to a minimum: Buy door snakes – cheap and easy and keep drafts out reducing need for heating. Pull on a pullover or grab … Read more

SWAMS Fun Day in Busselton

On Wednesday, 24 October, South West Aboriginal Medical Services is holding a Fun Day at the Busselton foreshore for National Children’s Week. Pack a picnic and head down to join in the fun with free children’s entertainment, craft activities and community information stalls. National Children’s Week is from Friday 19 – Sunday 28 October. Picture

Coat-A-Thon Keeps Community Warm

Accordwest’s new chief executive Nicole Gibbs, executive manager Nicki Atwood, coat-a-thon organisers Kris Robertson, Ashlee Docking and Sandra Bland. As Accordwest’s annual Coat-A-Thon comes to an end, the South West organisation is celebrating a new beginning with the arrival of chief executive Nicole Gibbs. Describing her career so far as immensely diverse, Ms Gibbs said … Read more

School Gives A Helping Hand

Representatives from Accordwest, Anglicare, the In-Town Lunch Centre, and the South West Refuge are set to benefit from donations made by Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School families. Donations were collected as part of the School’s Impact Week, conducted at the end of Term Two. The Helping Hands Group set up the donation collection. The Keeping Bunbury … Read more

Set the Stage – Getting Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is insurance taken out by tenants to protect their personal belongings from theft or damage to a property. Personal effects for tenants can include furniture, whitegoods, electrical appliances, clothing, personal effects and other possessions. A renters Insurance policy can provide renters with insurance coverage to either repair your insured contents or replace them … Read more

Water Saving Tips

With the price of water due to increase in Western Australia next month by 5.5%, here are some handy tips tenants can use to save on water: Check all taps, pipes and toilets for leaks. Read your meter regularly – good way to see how much water you are using and whether a hidden leak … Read more

Small Housing Trend Heading our Way

The tiny home movement is gaining momentum in Australia with Bunbury leading the way! How many of you remember growing up in the 60s and 70’s? The family home was where some of us gathered for dinner that Mum had lovingly prepared during the day. We would discuss the daily events without the interruptions of … Read more

Fair wear and tear in tenancy

Fair wear and tear in tenancy generally refers to damage that occurs to a property through the ordinary day to day use of the property by the tenant. For example carpet may get worn over time by people walking on it. ​Fair wear and tear generally becomes an issue at the end of a tenancy … Read more

Small Housing Trend gaining momentum in Australia

Tiny houses offer a solution to several modern day issues. According to Laura Nobel “they also bring flexibility and diversity to housing options, and allow people to downsize and live for experience rather than possessions . They’re a rebellion against the suburban four bedroom house with a mortgage and a commute’’. Tiny homes are homes … Read more

AccordWest Coat-A-Thon 2018

Donations and volunteer help are needed to assist thousands of local families and individuals doing it tough as temperatures plummet with the onset of winter. Coat-A-Thon, an annual drive for donations of coats and blankets, aims to keep people in need warm. AccordWest has commenced distributing coats and blankets to people in need in Collie … Read more

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