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Transitional Accommodation

Our Accordwest Transitional Accommodation program is designed to prevent or break the cycle of homelessness in the South West. If you find yourself without a place to call home, or your future housing prospects are looking bleak, we’ll help set you up with a roof over your head to ensure you feel safe and in control of your life again. Helping you access community or private housing, transitional accommodation is a first step towards a better life. We’ll help you use this time to build important life skills that will allow you to transition into more stable and longer-term accommodation.


Crisis Accommodation

Crisis accommodation provides a safe place surrounded by people who care.

If you find yourself without a place to call home, we’ll help you feel safe and in control.

A safe-haven for single women who find themselves without a place to call home.

Available for people aged 17 – 25, our number one priority is your wellbeing.

We partner with WA State Government to offer housing in Bunbury & Margaret River.

For everyone to access a safe place, you must meet a few simple, key criteria.

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