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Support my child

Helping you create a positive home environment where your children can happily develop and grow. 

Build your family’s skills so you can be strong, respectful and loving.

We’re dedicated to helping families flourish. It’s not about admitting you’re bad parents – it’s about understanding what your kids need and how you can work towards making positive changes that allow you all to thrive as a loving, caring team. Children and Parenting Services is a holistic support program that attacks the root of family problems from both ends. Parenting skills courses and peer support groups lift the ability of parents and carers to take responsibility, while support services like playgroups and school readiness programs help boost the wellbeing and development of kids when they need it most. Cool, calm and in control – that’s what’s waiting for you if you want it.

How it works

It’s all about early intervention and prevention. Whether one-on-one or in a group, we work with you to identify risk factors behind any neglect or abuse, then take action before small problems become big ones.  You can learn skills to improve child wellbeing, safety and resilience, identify issues raising kids, build parent development and skills, learn about boundaries and being consistent and how to support healthy relationships with kids  Remember, by acting as early as possible, we can identify issues holding your child back, then give you the best referrals to find help, before they turn into bigger problems. In doing so, we help kids and families in the West build the resilience to make a positive change in the future.

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