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What lives are you helping?

Out-of-home care refers to alternative accommodation for children and young people who are unable to live with their parents. Children needing out of home care have their own special qualities and needs. Some are newborn babies, others are up to 18 years old. Some are part of a cultural or ethnic group. Some have disabilities or developmental delays with challenging behaviour. 

The common link is the stressful or traumatic home life, often as a result of neglect and abuse. Maybe mum or dad was in care as a child and never learnt to be a parent. Maybe they’re physically or mentally unwell and unable to provide the care they need to. Maybe they’re homeless, moving from place to place where they’re surrounded by unsafe people. Family violence, substance abuse – the list goes on. 

Whatever it is that’s causing the dysfunction at home, the stress causes kids to feel lonely, vulnerable and isolated. And the ripple effect is life-changing, as they begin distancing themselves from school, social and sports activities that are crucial for physical development and self-esteem. 

Accordwest offer 5 types of Care:

  • District Care Houses
  • Family Group Homes
  • Specialised Foster Care
  • Transitional High Needs
  • Foster Care
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