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Improve my relationships

Our Family and Relationship Services are designed to support families going through change.

Are your family relationships at risk of breaking down?

To move forward with confidence, you need to identify the source of the problems. We’ll take the time to get to know you and get a better understanding of where things are breaking down with the key people in your life. We’ll then get to work on making positive changes that strengthen your family relationships, prevent breakdowns, and ensure the wellbeing and safety of your kids. Our services can assist you with intact relationships, extended family members, extended and family connections including grandparents and kinship carers, individuals, children, young people and separated families.

How it works

Our goal is to help you respond more confidently to life challenges, and support you in gaining the knowledge and skills to create healthy family relationships. You can learn skills to develop confidence in your ability to connect with someone, Identify stresses and strainsin a relationship, improve your communication skills and reduce conflict that leads to homelessness. We can assist and support you with education and skills training, counselling, dispute resolution, personal development, community capacity building, outreach and information and referral.

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