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Testimonials from our community support clients

Our vision and community support mission are all about supporting and empowering individuals and families in communities across WA. So here - in our clients’ own words - is how we help, support and enable people to actively take control of their lives.

“I have several mates I talk to about my relationship but feel they tend to side with me. A friend recommended I come to Accordwest’s Men’s and Family Relationship Program . I have found it has been a positive decision to come to counselling; to be able to talk and be listened to by someone who does not know me or my partner. I am getting so much from the sessions.”

40-year-old male, self referral to Men’s and Family Relationships

“I would like to thank you for attending our Understanding Girl World Lunch. We have received many positive responses and even a thumbs-up in the local newspaper for the event. Your presentation was funny and definitely kept it real for the mums who attended. Several of the parents took your contact details and info on the day. We would love you to consider coming to see us again when we hold another session. GREAT JOB!”

School Nurse, local high school

“Without the expertise and support from the Tenant Advocate  we would have not had the outcome we received. Please pass on our thanks.”

Couple facing serious tenancy issues

“Thank you so much for getting us to the point where we can confidently take our parenting plan to the next step and consider alternative dispute resolution.”

Mum (36) with a 15-year-old daughter

“Accordwest has assisted in re-instating DoH (Department of Housing) priority and has allowed steady schooling for my three youngest children. I am much better at budgeting my money and feel I have more patience as a mother. I am still working on secure housing, however, I have many supports throughout the community.”

One-parent family (six children) - adult accommodation, exited to board with family

“We feel that with time and support we have more clarity and strength to follow through with our decisions. Overall we feel our communication skills are also better, and although we are still working on our own housing, we are happy to be moving back to family. Our relationship and our addiction issues are certainly healthier.”

Two-parent family (four children) – adult accommodation, exited to board with family

“Being with the service has allowed me to link in with a job network, who helped me to get my licence and a job at a local café. I have also made contact with the local mental health team, after moving from my last town. I’m still working on my finances, but I’m excited to be moving out with my boyfriend, until I can afford my own house.”

23-year-old single female – transitional accommodation, exited to shared rental

“Working with my case worker has made me more independent, more confident. I have a stronger handle on my depression and understand about self care and self respect. I feel more able to commit to my studies now and have stronger independent living skills.”

19-year-old single female – transitional accommodation, exited to PIH transitional accommodation

“I feel I am a nicer person overall and have improved my connection with my mother and family. Having a place to stay allowed me to maintain my work, whilst working on budgeting, time management and my ability to live in a shared environment. I feel I am better at communicating with people and will use this when I move into my new property.”

Single female – Bunyap House/transitional unit, exited to shared rental

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