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Grievance Procedure and Code of Ethics:
Our standards and your right to complain

We have an established Code of Ethics at Accordwest which outlines our commitment to uphold the highest standards in the services and support we provide. However, if you have a grievance or would like to make a complaint, we have a four-step procedure in place to ensure your concerns are addressed.

Please note, you should complete our Grievance Form in conjunction with the procedure below. Your support worker will help you complete the form.

Step #1
If you have an issue with one of our workers, please talk to the worker in question first. If you prefer, you can have a friend, family member or another worker attend the meeting with you.

Step #2
If the issue cannot be resolved directly with your worker and you wish to take the matter further, you can arrange to talk to the worker's manager, either through your support worker, or by writing to the manager. Alternatively, please call (08) 9729 9000

The manager will meet with you to address your concerns, collecting all the relevant information before making a decision about what, if any, action is required. Your worker can also attend the meeting, if you wish.

Generally, this meeting is conducted within one week of registering your concerns. Your complaint will be documented and passed on to the CEO to be filed in our Complaints Register.

Step #3
If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction with the relevant manager, you can make an appointment to talk to the CEO. You may also lodge your complaint in writing with the CEO.

Normally, we are able to arrange an appointment with the CEO within two weeks.

Step #4
The CEO will investigate your complaint and meet with you, if requested, before making a decision about what action is appropriate. You will be informed of the outcome of the CEO's investigation, usually within four weeks.

If you are still unsatisfied and believe that your complaint hasn't been addressed or resolved fairly, please ask the CEO about how to take the complaint further.

Criminal matters
Where complaints relate to criminal matters, the issue will be referred directly to the police and will not be assessed by Accordwest.

Our Code of Ethics
Our employees are obliged to adhere to our Code of Ethics. All Accordwest staff must therefore:

  • Treat as confidential any discussions pertaining to the team
  • Treat as confidential any discussions pertaining to client information obtained through normal day-to-day work, unless otherwise directed in writing by the client
  • Communicate with colleagues, management and clients in a manner which is open, honest and non-discriminatory, respecting the views of others
  • Not engage in any form of physical or structural violence, including harassment
  • Not engage in sexual relationships with service users
  • Work within the constraints of the law whilst acting as an agent of Accordwest
  • Promote the agency and its work in a positive manner in the community
  • Follow our grievance process
  • Not consume or be under the influence of intoxicating substances while at work
  • Participate in regular performance appraisals
  • Read, understand and follow the agency's policies and procedures
  • Participate in Quality Improvement processes
  • Undertake professional supervision
  • Be accountable for their work
  • Contribute to the successful outcomes of the service

Further information
If you would like to know more about our Grievance Procedure or Code of Ethics, please discuss this with your worker.

To discuss this issue with a different worker, please call (08) 9729 9000 and we will make a suitable appointment for you. Alternatively, please write to:

PO Box 6498
South Bunbury WA 6230

Read about the ethical principles that define our organisation and our commitment to you, including your privacy and confidentiality.

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