committed to community resilience

Accordwest Corporate

At Accordwest, we understand that for us to excel we need to attract and retain staff who share our vision and commitment to our mission. More than being highly skilled, our people must believe we can make a difference by working together and understand that social justice is embedded in building sustainable resilient communities, not just rhetoric.

As an ‘employer of choice’, we are committed to attracting and retaining valued staff through:

  • Providing an opportunity to make a real difference;
  • Priding ourselves on being a family-friendly employer;
  • Being a recognised community-based organisation with grass-roots connections;
  • Developing staff to meet the future needs of the organisation and the sector;
  • Providing flexible secure employment, wherever possible;
  • A commitment to innovative best practice;
  • Negotiating attractive packages for the right people;
  • A multi-facetted organisation with the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills;
  • A commitment to supporting further education; and
  • Being recognised as an industry leader.

Find out more about our team and organisation or, if you’re a student looking for work experience, check out our student placement page.

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