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Out of Home Care

At AccordWest, Out of Home Care Services is funded through the Department of Child Protection (DCP). We provide a range of therapeutic out-of-home care services for young people up to 18 years of age who are referred to us by DCP and have challenging behavioural and emotional needs.

Our Out of Home Care (OOHC) Services are designed for young people (in the care of the CEO) who require short to medium term accommodation and support through a sound case management model. While family reunification or long-term foster placements are always considered the first priority, these options aren’t always possible, in which case our focus is on developing independent living skills. Referrals can only be made through DCP.

Our Out of Home Care Services provide:

  • A sound placement option for children and young people who require an alternative to kinship or family placements and/or foster care
  • Therapeutic placements for children and young people with high and complex needs
  • A home-like setting that reflects the needs of each young person
  • An opportunity to prepare children and young people for restoration to their family, or independent living if restoration is not an option
  • A sound placement option for young people in transition to independent living

We offer:

  • Tier One Family Group Homes in the Mandurah/Peel (4) and Bunbury/Collie (2) areas
  • Transitional High Needs Program (THNP)

For more information about our Out of Home Care services, please contact us.

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