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Family Support Program: Parenting, Counselling, Education & Support

If you’re exiting prison or have recently re-entered the community, your family life can be strained. Creating a stable environment in which children can happily grow and develop can be even harder than usual. But we can help.

Our Parenting Support team offers advice and practical assistance that’s tailored to help parents who are ex-prisoners. With a focus on child-centred support, we can assist you with a range of parenting issues, from improving child wellbeing to developing family relationships and resilience.

The service offers:

  • Parent education and counselling skills development
  • Post-separation parenting education and support
  • Support and advice
  • Relationship counselling and family therapy
  • Advocacy and liaison with other services
  • Information and referrals
  • Community education

Referrals to the Family Support Program can be made by:

  • Self referral
  • Family/friends
  • Other agencies
  • Government departments (e.g. Health, Child Protection, Schools)

Find out more about the case management, counselling and parenting education support we provide. Contact our team for more information.

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