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Private Rental Support

It can be tough securing and maintaining private rental accommodation if you’re a young person. So if you’re struggling to stay out of arrears, or you’ve had a breach of your tenancy agreement, talk to our team for impartial advice and support.

In addition to the guidance and information you need to maintain your private rental tenancy, we can also assist with tenant advocacy and  financial counselling  to help you maintain your private rental tenancy into the future.

Our service provides individually tailored support, including:

  • Case management and planning
  • Assistance with addressing rent arrears and other pressing debts
  • Negotiating on behalf of clients with landlords and property managers with a focus on debt repayment planning and the achievement of sustainable outcomes
  • Access to emergency relief where necessary
  • Assistance with accessing income support and other entitlements
  • Outreach in the form of home visits
  • Assistance with developing budgeting and other essential life skills
  • Tenant education focused on tenancy rights and obligations
  • Practical advice and information
  • Transport to keep essential appointments
  • Assistance with preparation for rental inspections
  • Mentoring and practical support with a focus on home management
  • Support and assistance with locating alternative accommodation options if a tenancy cannot be sustained
  • Help with accessing Department of Housing bond assistance
  • Assistance with engaging with a range of specialist support services

Whether you need some one-on-one support right now, or you would simply like to find out more about the support we provide, contact our team today.

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