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Crisis and Transitional Accommodation

If you’re a young person who’s homeless, or risk of becoming homeless, we can help. Our Transitional Accommodation team provides emergency and interim accommodation, as well as long-term housing solutions specifically for young people.

We provide a holistic service. That means we look at your whole situation to provide the best solution in the short, medium and long term. So, while we’re here to help you find accommodation when you need it most, we can also assist with finding sustainable housing that enables you to live independently.

Our service provides:

  • Both crisis and transitional accommodation
  • Help with accessing and maintaining public, community and private housing
  • Assistance with family reunification where possible
  • Financial assistance where necessary
  • Access to child and parenting support services
  • Tenancy and other life skill development opportunities
  • Practical information and advice on accessing and applying for rentals
  • Support and advocacy when dealing with local real estate agencies
  • Help with accessing income support and developing budgeting skills
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Support for engaging with education, training and employment opportunities
  • Referrals to a range of specialist support services

To find out more about Transitional Accommodation support or any of our complementary youth support services, such as Emergency Relief, please contact our team today.

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